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Pulse Secure Configuration for iOS

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Jun 21, 2017 12:20pm

We have a MAG2600 with 8.2R6 as the system version. I'm trying to work through how to enable iOS devices to connect but haven't had any success. I created a new role and a new realm, mapped my username a new AD security group that I'm a member of, but whenever I log in on my iPhone and check the active users, it shows that I'm on a different realm (which has a role mapping of username=* and in an AD security group (of which I am also a member)).

Can anyone help provide some guidance to what I may be missing?


Pulse Secure Contributor (16)
Jun 22, 2017 1:01am
Sounds like your issue is general realm selection and not specific to iOS. Can you check you have mapped Sign-in URL to the correct realm and are picking the correct sign-in URL while signing in?
Pulse Secure Contributor (40)
Jun 22, 2017 12:41pm
Tagging along with what ruc said, does desktop-based login to the same URL/realm show the same behavior?
    Contributor (0)
    Jun 23, 2017 12:45pm
    When I log in via iOS device, it shows as the same Realm as it would if I logged in on my desktop. Should there be a different URL login page for iOS?