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Wireless DNS settings are not reverted after logging out from Pulse

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Aug 21, 2017 11:46am
For certain users on Win7, it has been detected that after logging out from the VPN (using split tunneling and Search device DNS only setting) the Wireless adapter is not taking back the proper settings for DNS (to dynamic but remains static) and and user is not able to browse over the Internet.

The DNS setting for the Wiresless adapter changes to static when connected to the VPN, but remains in static mode after logging out. That's the problem.
If we manually changed them to DYNAMIC, then the problem gets fixed.

I have seen some problems with the network adapter for Win8 or Win10 when using Jabber. In our case, we are using Win7 but maybe there are also some issues we may need to take into account.

This issue is not happening all the time for the end users, and of course, not for all the users.

Can anyone help?


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Sep 14, 2017 2:52am

I've been having the same issue with multiple computers mostly Windows 10. The same behavior DNS settings on the wireless settings.

Did you manage to get any help from support or a solution to this problem?