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Printing from SQL Server Reporting Services via Web Bookmark Fails

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Oct 26, 2017 8:02pm
Working on getting printing from internal Web Application that leverages SQL Server Reporting Services to generate a printed Report. If I do the same process from our internal network it runs without issue. If I try the same process I get to the option to print it provides the dialogue to print but once I select a printer and select ok nothing happens. The SQL Server Reporting Service is on the same server so accessing it via port 80 should be all that is required. I looked at the PCS Logs and there is no errors I see the print request and all. Printer is even connected via USB directly to the PC. Was hoping to see something in the PCS logs showing something blocked or what not but nothing. Running PCS 8.2R7.1 on the MAG6611.

Pulse Secure Contributor (40)
Oct 27, 2017 1:39pm
Are you printing using the SQL server print option OR the browser print function? If the latter, I would expect it to work; however, the former may need a direct socket connection and will not work. Can you check with your SQL admin on how the printing function works and if it needs direct access? Another option is to look at a TCP dump when this happens both on the LAN & through the PCS (please note the trace through the PCS should be taken on the internal port and for verification on the client NIC as well) to compare. I am expecting that when the print action is done, there is a new connection sequence that initiates on the SQL server OR it wants direct access to the client.
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    Oct 27, 2017 3:03pm
    The printing is from the SQL Server Print button and not from the browser function. I will have to do a PCAP and see how it is being sent. Shouldn't I see something in the PCS logs to show that connection being attempted and not allowed?