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Host checker not running in one of my Linux installs

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Jun 23, 2010 1:05pm

Hello. I have successfully run SSL-VPN on a couple of Linux installations on Windows VirtualBox, as well as on a quick boot of a live Linux CD (Mint 9 x64), but on my older, hard-drive installation of Ubuntu (now 10.04, x64), I always just get plopped directly into my VPN home screen with only bookmarks and no file access -- Host Checker just doesn't run. I've installed and reinstalled the latest Sun Java x64 in as many ways as I know how, and verified that it's working in the browser and from the command line, but Host Checker just won't run.

Is there a way to force Host Checker to run again, to reinstall the needed files? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Jun 24, 2010 9:54pm

Ubuntu x64 is not supported; I am not sure how/why the other x64 items worked as it is not a supported platform for Linux:

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Sep 21, 2017 4:16am
From 5.3.3 version on-wards 64 bit operating systems are supported. Which version are you using?