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Unable to VPN when using 3G Dialup USB Modems

Contributor (0)
Jul 28, 2016 10:47am
Issue:Unable to VPN when using 3G Dialup USB Modems
When I try to connect to VPN using Pulse Secure Desktop app, while I am connected to internet via 3G Dialup USB Modem, Pulse Secure app gets connected but Junos Pulse virtual Network adapter status shows unknown network: No network Access
-So only internet works but unable to access any intranet resource
-It happens only when using 3G Dialup USB Dongle(All other method of connection like WiFi/Ethernet works)
-These USB dongles come with custom ISP software client, which needs to be installed and launched to dial the ISP and get connected to their network.
-Also if I share the 3G Dialup Modem Dialup network connection by using app which creates hotspot on the laptop(Like Connectify), the connected clients to this hotspot are able to connect to VPN without any issue, both internet and intranet works, on these clients sharing the 3G Dongle connection.

Pulse Secure Contributor (40)
Oct 23, 2016 4:19am
Can you confirm that the adapter in question uses PPP rather than NDIS for the driver? If yes, can you upgrade/change to NDIS?
PPP is incompatible with the driver used by Pulse