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Failed to load CA certificates

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Jun 22, 2017 2:07pm
Hi, please help with Pulse Secure Client for Linux i have configure on windows and it's works perfect but on linux (Centos 7) versions (Pulse Version: 5.3R1) i have troubles with
UI said
The SRX no longer provides hosting of the Pulse Client for direct download.

Please obtain the Pulse Client from the Pulse Website.
CLI log:

20170622161714.716281 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] Protocol :direct Credential : (pulseProxy.cpp:58)
20170622161714.716308 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] Proxy host : NULL (pulsesvc.cpp:256)
20170622161714.716324 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] Proxy port : 80 (pulsesvc.cpp:257)
20170622161714.716339 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] Proxy user : NULL (pulsesvc.cpp:258)
20170622161714.716353 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] Proxy password : NULL (pulsesvc.cpp:259)
20170622161714.716366 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] Proxy object is delete (pulseProxy.cpp:26)
20170622161714.716469 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] IVE host resolved to, port 443 (dsinet.cpp:329)
20170622161714.737288 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] dsssl.warn ssl_init : Failed to load CA certificates (DSSSLSock.cpp:1515)
20170622161715.38841 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] dsssl.error verify_server_cert_callback : Certificate Verification Failed : error:self signed certificate depth:0 errorno:18 (DSSSLSock.cpp:1588)
20170622161715.38926 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] log_cert_info : Subject : CN = CW2716AF0715, CN = system generated, CN = self-signed (DSSSLSock.cpp:1555)
20170622161715.39030 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] dsssl.error SSL_connect failed. Error 1 (DSSSLSock.cpp:1834)
20170622161715.39133 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] DSInet.error failed to connect to ( error 1 (dsinet.cpp:412)
20170622161715.39153 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] dsclient.error unable to open URL: ( with error -7 (dsclient.cpp:321)
20170622161715.39167 pulsesvc[p30605.t30605] ncapp.error Failed to authenticate with IVE. Error 2 (pulsesvc.cpp:284)

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Jun 22, 2017 2:13pm
From CLI i started it by
/usr/local/pulse/ -h -u login -p pass -r
    Moderator (16)
    Jul 2, 2017 4:13am
    Hello Alex,

    The error itself means device certificate is not trusted. More information can be found at:

    Please note, Pulse Secure has not qualified the Pulse Secure Linux client with the Juniper SRX. This client is only designed to work with our Pulse Connect Secure software.