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Checking compliance takes too long...

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Aug 17, 2017 2:52pm

I have some users complaining about the time the host checker takes to run... but today I've receive a something out of the reasonable... logs from client side:

'OpswatImcColData' Result of Antivirus data to monitor(Successfully called: CheckRTPState : Time Taken:8.28411, Successfully called: GetDataFileTime : Time Taken:221730, Successfully called: GetDataFileVersion : Time Taken:198362, Call failed: GetDataFileSignatures : Error Desc : Not supported, Call failed: IsUpdateInProgress : Error Desc : Not supported, Successfully called: IsFullScanInProgress : Time Taken:63.0153, )

log from PCS side:

Host Checker running on host XXXX will exit as the user login timed out.

1. What is the normal time for validation of a list of 40 AV Vendors with Virus Definition update?
2. What are the time unit in the client side log? Seconds?
3. Besides the checking the computer resources (cpu, disk and so on) what more can I check to troubleshoot this issue?

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