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Ubuntu - (pulseUi:4460): libsoup-CRITICAL **: soup_cookie_jar_get_cookies: assertion 'SOUP_IS_COOKIE_JAR (jar)' failed

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Oct 2, 2017 8:33pm
I had been running pulse secure on Ubuntu 17.04 for months without issue.

Login would work like this:
Click on my connection
directed to my institution's VPN logon page (
enter my username and password
directed to our 2 step verifier, push notification to cell phone

I did not update Pulse Secure and no changes were made to our VPN configuration or network configuration. This happened in early september.
Now, this is what happens:
Click on my connection
directed to my institution's VPN logon page
enter user name and password
sign in button greyed out

So I decided to troubleshoot by launching the UI from the terminal. I cded into /usr/local/pulse and ran ./pulseUi, and I immediately see the following error:
(pulseUi:4460): libsoup-CRITICAL **: soup_cookie_jar_get_cookies: assertion 'SOUP_IS_COOKIE_JAR (jar)' failed

What gives? Any idea why this issue just cropped up and how I might go about fixing it. I need to get this fixed and my institution doesn't seem to want to submit a support ticket on my behalf, telling me that they only provide the packages for linux at your own risk.

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Correct Answer
Oct 3, 2017 3:04pm
From pulsesvc.log:

20171003105533.560643 pulsesvc[p17939.t17939] Protocol :direct Credential : (pulseProxy.cpp:58)
20171003105533.560659 pulsesvc[p17939.t17939] Proxy used is NULL (pulseUi.cpp:717)
20171003105533.560669 pulsesvc[p17939.t17939] Proxy Host is NULL (pulseUi.cpp:718)
20171003105533.560677 pulsesvc[p17939.t17939] Proxy Port is 0 (pulseUi.cpp:719)
20171003105533.560686 pulsesvc[p17939.t17939] Proxy UserName is NULL (pulseUi.cpp:720)
20171003105533.560706 pulsesvc[p17939.t17939] Proxy Password is NULL (pulseUi.cpp:721)
20171003105533.560715 pulsesvc[p17939.t17939] pulseui.error Proxy is not used/set (pulseUi.cpp:751)
20171003105533.560723 pulsesvc[p17939.t17939] Proxy object is delete (pulseProxy.cpp:26)
20171003105533.569430 pulsesvc[p17939.t17939] About to start VPN connection:, baseUrl: https://vpn.[site].edu (pulseUi.cpp:408)
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    Oct 3, 2017 4:10pm
    I must have accepted this as correct mistakenly. Can this be undone?
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Oct 3, 2017 11:50pm
Hi RickestRick,

Ubuntu 17.04 is not a supported version. However, since the client works well on earlier versions of Ubuntu, it might quite well work with the latest one too

The error that you are getting (libsoup based assertion) is possibly not related to the button being greyed out.

Also, proxy server is not supported on Linux yet. By any chance, are you using a proxy to authenticate? (ie., is Network Proxy set system-wide?)
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    Oct 9, 2017 6:21pm
    Network proxy is disabled system wide. I know that 17.04 isn't officially supported, but I had it working until this, and I really appreciate any help you provide.
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Oct 13, 2017 4:00pm
Any chance someone might be able to provide further support on this issue?