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Odyssey GINA module missing from PC after installation

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Jan 8, 2014 12:25am

Hi ,


I am currently facing problem when deploying Juniper OAC to shared PC on my customer network.. This issue occur on and on and up till now I couldn't find the root cause for this problem.



GINA module is installed on shared PC so that multiple end user can login and utlize the workstation. 



From time to time, end user complain they could not login because for unknown reason GINA is missing from the login page. I have reinstalled GINA to those affected PC but this issue keep repeating non-stop. 


Note: Only 6 particular shared PC has this GINA-missing problem, other shared PC with GINA installed run perfectly without issue.



Log a case to JTAC but unfortunately they are unable to idenfity the root cause from the error log. I was informed by JTAC that problem might be due to local PC security policy or GPO but after checking with the respective team, all 6 PC has no issue on GPO or security policy.


May I know what did I missed out? Anyone faced this similar problem before? 

Your kind reply is very much appreciated.

Thank you.