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Junos Pulse Connection Problem: "Connection Error: The Server aborted the connection"
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May 19, 2014 10:52pm

Dear All,


I am unable to use junospulse on iphone. I have created role,relam and passing theses attributes in junos pulse client settings but every time i want to connect it through iphone i got an error "Server aborted the connection" and same setting is working properly for android devices.


Please guide, Thanks




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May 20, 2014 7:12pm

Hi Nauman,


I hope you are using junos pulse for SSL VPN connection because we don't have junos puls e clients for UAC dot1x authentication on mobile devices.



Thebelow knowledge base link deals with  'Connection Error: The Server aborted the connection' error message is generated when launching Junos Pulse on iOS. This is same as your issue. This KB link also has teh cause ans solution.



Check if there is a VPN Tunneling Connection Profile created and mapped to the user Role, to which the user belongs. The VPN Tunneling Connection Profile on IVE can be checked under Users > Resource Policies > VPN Tunneling > VPN Tunneling Connection Profiles:

If there is no profile created for the role, click New Profile and provide either the valid IP address pool or the DHCP server and map the profile to the correct User Role.

When the SA Series device receives a client request to start a session, it assigns an IP address to the client based on the IP address policies, which are defined either through DHCP or the IP address pool. 

If you do not have any VPN Tunneling Connection Profiles configured, the Junos Pulse client will not be able to obtain any IP address; subsequently the Connection Error: The server aborted the connection error message will be generated. 

For more information on requirements to assign an IP address, refer to KB22889 


Hope this Helps.


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    May 21, 2014 5:36am

    Hi Kannan,


    Thanks for you responce. but i am using UAC L3 enforcemrnt with MAG 4610.