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SRC C2000: after upgrade CLI not connecting

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Nov 23, 2014 1:37pm

Hi Guys,


I have a little issue on my hands. Not sure if this is the correct board to post this


I have a C2000 Juniper, it is running on version 4.0.0R22, as soon as I upgrade it either to 4.1 or 4.2 i get a CLI cant connect.


Even if the SRC is on 4.0.0R12 it does the same.


I did went into the BASH and tried to started it maunally, by using to following


/opt/UMC/cli/etc> cli stop

/opt/UMC/cli/etc> cli start

/opt/UMC/cli/etc> cli status


As soon as I use the status commend I get a response by, CLI is running, but it's dead.



Any assistance will be appriciated.




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Correct Answer
Nov 23, 2014 9:26pm



SRC 4.0.0 is quite old release, and it is not likely someone remembers what was happening in your situation many years ago. Due to the large gap, usual advice is to fresh install target release (like 4.5.0) and mirgate configuration.


Your current issue is likely to be a JDB problem, but I suggest adressing your final goal instead to avoid repeative trouble-shooting.